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Children With Disabilities

There is general agreement among health and social service professionals that wherever possible, children with mental or physical disabilities should remain in the family home, and not, as in times gone by, in an institution, however good it may be.

Advances in medical science and the development of sophisticated technology are thankfully making it possible in more and more cases for children to be looked after in their own home by their family and when necessary with the help of care workers.

A family affair

The bond between parent and child is perhaps the most emotionally intense and personal of all. When a care worker comes into your home to help care for your child, you need to be confident that they will fit into your family life, routines and share your family values.

All our care workers are chosen for their ability to get on well with people of all ages. Naturally, each care worker has specialist knowledge and skills relating to a particular type of client. We have a number of care workers who are particularly experienced in working with children, and those with disabilities.

We always consider many factors when we select a care worker for a particular role, looking to match a particular care worker’s personality and background with that of the family they will be working with.

Caring for children with disabilities

Looking after people with physical or learning disabilities are complex, and this is particularly true in the case of children. Our learning disability team are specially trained to provide the care the children need to help them lead a full and happy life in their own home, and help their families cope.

Our care workers are there to provide emotional support as well as practical help, and to do all they can to ease the strain of coping with caring for a loved one with disabilities.

Think Assist Home Care

Our friendly and sympathetic team here at Assist Home Care are experienced in helping children with disabilities and their family and friends find the best way forward for all concerned. We offer unbiased advice and explain the services we can offer should you decide help with care at home will be the best solution. You are under no obligation to use our services, our advice is free – all it costs you is a phone call to 01306 710900.